As A Child, Moved In
As a Child, Moved In

Stepping into my room I saw

the old one, crumbling away 

And ashen, in my mind

As if it had been caught 

In a fire some time ago.

I turn (in mind) and check the other rooms

The same greyness in each, the same pallor.

So strange to see the new 

In old terms.

And down through the cellar door

Of my old place I find heaps

Of discarded toys, donated clothes, and the furniture

Torn apart as if someone let 

a pack of badgers through.

And turning back to my new home,

My new reality, 

felt like finding a smashed clock on the floor

that told the time of its demise.

I stepped out of the room 

as one opening an unhinged door;

Carefully, uncertain.