As a Christian, all lives matter to me!!! Free-4-All-Friday!!!
Episode 872   I'm a Christian, and anyone who knows me knows this.  There are certain ideas as a Christian that I hold as truths in my life, and one of them is, Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of humanity!!!  Jesus loved us that much, that he gave his life for us, no matter how we classify ourselves.

 Your skin color doesn't matter to Jesus, nor any other factor we many come up with to describe ourselves.  That fact that some folks think otherwise, is a heart issue, not a skin issue!!!  To divide folks up because they have a different skin color than other folks is sinful and has no place in civilized society!!!

 God created all of mankind equal, and if you don't believe this you are calling God a liar!!!  God sees our hearts, souls and minds, and not what we look like on the outside!!!  We as Americans need to teach each other these basic truths, if we don't then we don't deserve to survive as a nation!!!  If we don't condemn hatred everywhere we will never be whole as a nation, and we will not survive!!!