As students begin to return...
...over the next few days we need to be vigilant about the use and possession of personal mirrors. We do not want a repeat of recent unfortunate events.

Just to clarify:

  • Girls should not be in possession of personal mirrors unless they are on the pre-approved list of contact lens wearers held by Mrs. Jenkins;
  • Personal mirrors for contact lens wearers should be no more than 4" x 4" and should remain in the wearer's dorm at all times.  Use of such mirrors is a privilege, not a right, and any approved girl found sharing her mirror with unauthorized parties will be removed from the list;
  • Any girl caught attempting to smuggle a mirror in her personal belongings should be sent directly to me.

I intend to take a hard line on this at the beginning of the School Year, and thus avoid any problems down the line.

New members of staff will find our 'No Mirrors' policy articulated in full on pp328-42 of their Handbook.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.