The Asari Civilisation 3.4.1 - Sentry Array!

After slightly more delays than we expected (I'm so sorry! We'll try to do better! <3) we are happy to finally release the most complex and challenging addition to the Asari shipset to date!

8 different segments, each animated across 4 progressive construction stages and experimental glowmaps utilising GLOW 2.0 - glow that puts all our previous glow to shame! (yes I'm really excited about it XD)

Next up on our Utopia to-do list: the Science Nexus! We already have a plan for what we want it to look like and having learned a lot about megastructure design from the Sentry Array, we should have something to show very soon!

But that's not all we have in the pipeline! I've been working on several new portraits (along with a few new outfits) and I'm hoping to release them soon! Sooooon!