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Ascendant Abundance in Times of Rage
Abundant Ascension in Times of Rage:

This piece is a culmination of many different factors in my life and reality.  The election of Trump was something I expected, but it still brought me deep sadness. This piece is very deeply linked to the ability to remain abundant in authenticity, growth and in action.

This is also more accurately capturing my format as Epimemetic Hunger. Human is part of me, tentacled more optimized beings are part of me, but I express through all formats so that all things may connect with the wisdom of mutual benefit and consent.

The color pallet is has its most intense element as the color red. Red is representative of the root chakra. In this piece however, the way I integrated this with purple helps the red represent the root chakra of the higher level of being.

This piece also connects deeply with personal power. This is the time to use your power, whateer it may be to dismantle injustice and build embecibiotic systems in its place.

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