Ascending with the Masters

Many people ask, quite often actually, "what is an ascended master?".  So I thought it would be a great time to create some new content which focuses on the energies of the Ascended Masters and also how to receive their gifts. 

Ascended Masters were/are highly evolved spiritual beings that once were incarnated on this earthly plane, many in the human form.  Through these many incarnations, they have raised their vibration to a sustained frequency of light.  Imagine, these energies, these Masters are eager, ready & waiting for us to invoke them into our life's.   Don't get hung up on the definition, the technicality of it all or lack there of!  Ask, Believe & Receive and YOU WILL.

The order in which I introduce these great spiritual teachers is of no matter.  I will be using Doreen Virtues Ascended Masters Oracle Cards as a guide for our journey.  With each Master, I hope to give you a description of their energy, their specialty or specialties, different ways to work with them & of course how this Master can propel you forward on your souls journey to uncover your life's purpose.  So sit back, take a few deep breaths & RECEIVE....


The energy of Amaterasu (Ah-ma-tera-su) brings a message of "Come Out of the Closet."  Her radiant light will shine upon you, providing clarity & warmth as you disclose your deepest Self, the reality of who you are and how your feel. 

Amaterasu is a Japanese Shinto sun goddess who was sent to heaven by her parents to shine down her radiance & brilliance on all of humanity.  There is also believe that at one time, Amaterasu hid herself in a dark cave away from the storms of her brother.  When she did this, the world became dark & cold.  It was not until other gods coaxed her out of the cave by using mirrors.  When she saw her reflection in the mirror and how her natural beauty illuminated life, she came out of the cave. 

Invoke Amaterasu, especially in the early dawn hours as the sun is just waking up.  Light a red candle and recite the following:

"Blessed Amaterasu, lead me into your light from the shadows. I walk in

beauty. I walk in peace. I walk in balance on the path of the Goddess.

Blessed be."