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 Ip Man, starring Donnie Yen, is the award-winning film adaptation about the life . Ip Man 2 (classified under the name Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster in the US) is a 2010 Hong Kong biographical martial arts film loosely based on the life of Ip . Ip Man 3 isn\'t the most tightly plotted biopic a kung fu fan could ask for, but the fight scenes are fun to watch -- and at times, the drama is even genuinely poignant. Ip Man – hongkońsko–chiński film akcji z 2008 roku.  Trailer Yip Man Genre: action Regie / directed by: Wilson Yip Darsteller / cast: Donnie Yen , Simon Yam Kinostart Deutschland: 2009 ( Aisa Film Festival . Movies in 2008, Movie release dates in 2008 . Title: Ip Man Trailer: Description: Behind every great martial artist lies a teacher.  Film oparty na biografii Yip Mana, słynnego chińskiego mistrza sztuk walki. For an actor who persevered through two decades of minor distinction before finding superstardom (with the 2008 martial arts biopic Ip Man at age 45 . Yip Man (Zhongshan, 6 november 1893 - Hongkong, 2 december 1972) (jiaxiang: Guangdong, Nanhai, Luocunzhen), ook wel geschreven als Ip Man en ook wel bekend als Yip . Ip Man (cinese tradizionale: 葉 問, cinese semplificato: 叶 问, pinyin: Ye Wen) è un film del 2008 semi-biografico di arti marziali vagamente basato sulla vita . IP Range - The complete block of IP ranges for all countries to help you find IP location, IP address ranges and all IP addresses for certain countries.

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