Asherah in the Meadow, WIP
This one's kinda further along than most of my WIP's, but it really wasn't a lot to get to this point, and it illustrates the direction I want to go with this image succinctly.

Asherah and Steven Crow used to play in their meadow. That was their place. The meadow was actually on Endard, though at the time Steven didn't know it. He caused it, but was completely oblivious of it. As far as he was concerned, it was perfectly natural, and that's because of Asherah. Endard is tropical and the days didn't always sync up with Earth, but that still didn't faze Steven. He had found his safe spot out of what once was a figment of his nightmares; and he had found his safe person. 

In this visualization, Asherah is up on a stump on the edge of the meadow looking down at Steven, from his POV. He would often recline in the grass while he worked on his projects and his computer-based search for his parents. When they reconnected, they would periodically revisit the meadow... like this instance.

The image looks pretty far along, but there is actually a LOT of work left to do to mold it into what I see in my head. Atmospherics, god-rays, tweaking the lighting, tweaking her hair, etc, etc. I may make this my February project.