Ask Baby's Due Date Response Mod

Compatible with version: 1.72 (March Patch)

Current Version: V2

UPDATE - August 18, 2020 - Added additional responses and added the response to trigger in more scenarios. So if you weren't seeing the response sometimes, this should address that. See updated list of translations below.

Hi Simmers!

I think some of the interactions in the Sims 4 could be more flushed out and add a little bit more to the game. 

So I bring you, Ask Baby's Due Date Response! Now your sims will actually get a response from the sim when they ask. I've added variations, so you will see some different responses based on the trimester. Your sim will get a new moodlet as well.

I may add more interactions/responses to this in the future. Maybe call it something like the Sims 4 Conversation Expander. But that's lame :/ haha.

Let me know if you like this idea down below and what types of responses you'd like to see added! Maybe sims can respond when you Imply their mother is Llama. That could be...interesting. 

Enjoy! And thank you to all my Patrons! ❤

Download HERE (SFS)

Installation Instructions:

1. Download the .package file

2. Place the .package file here: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods


French - Added July 8, 2020 - Thanks to Kimikosoma 

Czech - Added July 13, 2020 - Thanks to Xeria 

Chinese - Added August 18, 2020 - Thanks to ttchubb

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