Ask Blogs and Future Content?
When I originally made this patreon I was still really big into the mlpfim fandom and ran my own popular ask blog. It long since has closed down so I could remake the world/AU where my ponies lived. 

So before I promised weekly updates and participation of patreon followers here (even if you don't pledge any money)! I was thinking about diving in on a tumblr ask blog and I want to start with only one. I'd love to hear which one you all think I should pick or that interests you personally the most.


  • #1 @dessertponies - Not a MLP universe but however does revolve around similar mlp style and themes. Just all dressed up in a silly food themed world for some reason. Made to be fun loving and very silly. Very cutesy.
  • #2 @cloverly-ponies - An AU MLP Universe where my pony characters live in a town called Cloverly just across the ocean towards the south. Would be full of cute ponies, pony related artwork and themes, writing and story content, series character themes and developments over time. Ask blog / story blog with lots of in-between content.
  • #3 @thicklybuttered - A brand new NSFW art blog. My old ones got nuked by tumblr so now I have to start completely over with my NSFW content and blog. This would be featuring any and all nsfw content I’m personally interested in drawing or working on for commissions. Would include a lot of furry, human, feral, pokemon nsfw content. Would be 18+ viewer only. Has it’s own tip jar ($1) patreon for high res downloads.

Dessert Ponies (Completely original characters and not fandom related)

Cloverly Ponies (AJ's AU stories with Mocha Delight, Citrus Tang, and the crew!)

NSFW Artwork Blog (For 18+ users only)

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