Ask Lord Dog - February 2016
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Dear Lord Dog,
How would you handle a friend that keeps trying to get you to read friend-fiction that you're not comfortable with? (To be clear I have no problem with friend-fiction itself, in fact I am rather a fan of it.)

I am at a loss as to how to broach the subject without giving offence. 

Your advice on the matter would be very much appreciated.
~A Quiet Chasind

Dear Quiet Chasind,

It sounds like the best thing you can do is to let your friend know that their kink is not your kink, and that's okay. Let them know you like their writing, assuming you do, but this particular story involves things you're not comfortable reading -- that it doesn't reflect poorly on them that they choose to write it, but that it is simply not your bag.

My husband, for instance, very much enjoys Orlesian novels of the very most intriguing variety, but he has no patience for any involving demons, which have gotten oddly popular in Orlesian fiction of late. A dear friend offered us a volume with a princess and a desire demon, and while I greatly enjoyed it, he couldn't bear to lift the cover. We returned it with a note that we were glad she'd thought of us, but we'd rather not have any more demon erotica in the house.

--Lord Dog

(This post will be updated when the other question comes in.)

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