Ask me anything!!
I have seen several people do this in my Patreon feed recently, to great success - at least I enjoyed this as a backer -, so I'm also going to give it a try.

This is a public post, but to get me to answer your questions, you will need to be a backer. :) 

Backers at any tier can ask me anything and I'll do my best to answer. You can ask in comments or also in Patreon message or Twitter DM if you'd like to keep your identity private. I'll probably make a Google form and make it backers-only a bit later, too, if you want to ask completely anonymously. (Though I have 49 backers, so that narrows down your identity a bit.)

Maximum 3 questions per person initially, I might increase or decrease this depending on how many questions I get. Answers will also take the form of public posts!

Just some ideas - you can ask about:

* Writing for publication, how to get published, how not to get published :) 

Note that I have been published in places like Clarkesworld, Strange Horizons, Apex, Uncanny, Lightspeed etc. So I am best positioned to answer your question about SFF short stories and poetry. I can also talk about how I do these as a multiply marginalized person.

* Writing process

How do I write and how do I OH MY G-D I would NEVER do that? All the nitty-gritty. *rolls up sleeves*

* Specific questions about my work

Including the Eren universe. :) Now is the time to find out all the somewhat autistic details!

* My perspective on issues related to diversity in fiction/poetry

My perspective is somewhat grumpy, but usually quite straightforward. You can also ask me about reviewing!

* Questions about Judaism

This is a perennial favorite and I always get many, so I might as well make it a thing. I used to do this formally as an intercultural volunteer back in Hungary, so I'm not phased by extreme questions.

You can of course also ask about my other marginalizations.

I reserve the right not to answer questions :) but based on previous times I've done something similar, I'll probably end up answering a lot.