Ask Me Anything
What a difference 24 hours can make. 

Yesterday, it was 89°, and I had all the windows open. It was a lovely day. Not too hot, because it was breezy. The sort of day I'd like to bottle, and use in the middle of August, when it's brutal here.

Today? I caved at noon, and turned on the a/c, even though it was only 85°, because it rained last night, so it was steamy and gross. 

So, I'm hermetically sealed indoors, wrapping packages from eBay auctions today. I might venture out in a bit, and do a mail run, and then scurry back to air conditioned comfort until the steam breaks.

Today's a good day to ask me a question. Ask me anything. It could be about art, or the business of being an artist, or a technique. Whatever. 

I'll be online off and on for the rest of the day, because I have many postcard layers to get through. I'll answer anything that appears while I'm waiting for paint to dry...