Ask Me Anything! (A celebration of 100 subs)
Hey friends! We made it past 100 subs. Thanks for the support. To celebrate I’ll be doing an AMA video so comment with your questions.
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Early Access
$1 or more per month 0 patrons
- Get early access to my YouTube videos (posted twice a month) and be listed on the thank you page for my website.  

- At least once a month I'll write a video game related haiku or limerick. All of you can suggest prompts.  

Retro Retrospectives (EXCLUSIVE)
$2 or more per month 6 patrons
Exclusive access to a Patreon only video series where I go back into my personal collection and discuss a game (the gameplay, presentation, enjoyment/innovation), my history with the game, how I felt about it at the time, and how it holds up today. This video will be posted once a month. Plus previous tier.
Letters from a video game world (Snail Mail EXCLUSIVE)
$5 or more per month 9 patrons
I'll send you a letter from a video game world I'm currently in or just generally love. Get mail from places like the Mushroom Kingdom (Mario series), Haven City (Jak 2 & 3), Arcadia Bay (Life is strange), the west coast of Italy (wheels of Aurelia), etc. Plus all previous tiers!
EXCLUSIVE: Monthly Update Vlog/Q&A
$10 or more per month 2 patrons
- Monthly vlog recapping my gaming, content creation, life in general. 

- Q&A vid, ask me some questions and I'll answer them. 

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