There are over 10,000 creators here on Patreon! Payments to creators have topped $2M per month! That is amazing and overwhelming. How can I find just 365 out of that many? Ask. I asked for help a couple of days ago and people answered. "Who do you support on Patreon and why?" was my question and I got many answers. Up to this point I have followed my bliss and spent a lot of time reading bios and watching videos. One thing is for sure, it has helped me develop a keener sense of productive Patreon pitches. Thank you for the education. It has made my own page better. In turn it helps make Patreon better as a whole. Allie Mcdonald was one person who responded to my request. She tweeted back: "checkout @NateMaingard his music and writing are beautiful and speak to the soul much like @amandapalmer". I did and I am grateful to Allie for her answer. I am listening to Nate's music right now and I am smiling. What a smooth, easy flow of ask and receive. My Patreon Year - Day 9 of 365