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Asking, Guessing, and Crowdfunding

I made some observations about the conflict over people requesting donations for personal reasons online.

"Guessy people see [some] crowdfunding requests as inappropriate and

invasive, especially given that many of that person’s friends probably

have trouble with their finances as well. It is difficult for them to

see a request for donations and not feel obligated to comply with it,

and they assume that others are being similarly manipulated.

Asky people don’t understand what the issue is. Anyone is free to

ignore the crowdfunding post and keep scrolling, or even unfriend the

asker for good measure. Asky people try not to be overly concerned about

other people’s finances; that’s their job to manage for themselves. To

them, there’s no harm in asking as long as you aren’t manipulative about

it and can take no for an answer."