ASMR Candy: Candy ASMR 2015 Whispering Crinkling Tracing Tapping Crunching Mouth Sounds Sno Caps
ASMR with Candy ASMR has been requested by candy ASMR fans. Candy ASMR features opening Sno Caps nonpareils. Candy ASMR features whispering, crinkling paper, tracing, box tapping, candy tumbling, mouth sounds, crunching, eating, and role play. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or via YouTube messaging. Candy ASMR kisses! What is ASMR? All reviews are done without compensation. Candy purchased by Ms. Candy Blog. For more candy fun, check out Ms. Candy Blog's main channel: World of Wonder Presents MsCandyBlog featuring candy reviews, candy hauls, candy unboxing & candy store visits as well as candy style, fashion and beauty. Like, subscribe & share! is a blog about all things candy for those who love fashion & beauty. "Where candy is always in vogue!" Visit us at and across social media! Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: Instagram: Vine: We Heart It: G+: Patreon: Candy kisses! Don't forget to like, subscribe & share!