Assault Knights comes to patreon!

Hello Everyone.

My real name is James. But all my friends call me Night Hawk.

And I would like to take a moment to welcome you to my page.

This here is my patreon page for the game I am developing called

Assault Knights: Reign of Steel.


 Knights is a combined arms mech simulation game. That I have been

developing on and off for many years now. On the Neo Axis game engine.

The game is already quite playable. Which you can try for yourself by following the links below.

Assault Knights Downloads

You will need to download all the part files






You will also need to download the patch as well. How to install the patch

is on this page here.

Assault Knights Patch

Also here is the link to videos of the game in action.


Along with pictures of the game as well.



 you so much for coming by my page. And I really hope that I will get

some patreons for the game. Because I developing a game especilly this

big takes alot of money. I plan on making this game free for every one.

But being a developer I still need funds for it. Because game

development costs money. And alot of it. I have been

working on this game for many years now. And spent well over 10,000 dollars of my own money for the development of the game.


 am not trying to get rich here though. But if we can get patreons for

the development costs of the game. I can finally finish it. and make the

 game I have been intending for years. The game is nearly done as it is.

 And quite playable. But with money I can continue to develop the game

at a much faster pace. And get things I want for the game. Including

alot of new content, Or to be able to hire more programmers for it.

Along with buying tools I need as well. Also if I can I would like to

open a company here were I live. (Get a building.) And hire on staff

from around in my area. Local programmers, 3D model artists, and sound

managers as well for the game. I am hoping to be able to start


gaming company from this as well. With your help this will become my

dream come true. Anyway feel free to check out the game. You will be

able to play the full game (What I currently have up on the site.)

Free forever. But if you want to check out the updated Version you will need to become a patreon!

Thank you!