Assertiveness | Feeling stuck in trauma work | Depression and overeating | Work stress!
  1. Hey Kati, so my question this month may seem a little odd but its something that’s been really bothering me this past month. First off I’ve been working on assertiveness since the last time I was in the hospital and I think I’m getting a lot better at it. But in the past month I’ve been wondering. How can a person try to be more assertive with someone who refuses to listen without getting aggressive or defensive?
  2. How does someone bring up the past situations (traumas) that took them down the road to need therapy in there lives? I have been in therapy for going on six years and I never get myself to these topics. My past is always getting in the way of my daily life. I’m just not sure how to work through these things for a couple reasons. First, will it even make a difference. Second, I’m ashamed of what I’ve survived. Lastly, I’ve never been comfortable talking about these topics throughout my life even in healthy relationships. The answer I was given was you will all get there in your own time. I really feel that has five fully years have passed with nearly a session per week, I must be avoiding everything with extreme persistence. 
  3. What is the connect between being severely depressed and overeating? 
  4. I got a new manager at work recently who has decided that he thinks that I am suitable for promotion. This was quite a shock to me after a few years of being told my performance was below the standard and being bullied by some of my managers. I don’t feel able to take on the responsibility as I feel like I have reached the most difficult point in therapy. I can just about cope with work so I couldn’t manage a team of people. So I told him that I wasn’t interested and have told him numerous times since. But he has been volunteering me for extra responsibilities, most recently without my knowledge whilst I was on annual leave. The pressure to do this despite not wanting to is increasing my anxiety levels. Not being heard or taken seriously is also quite triggering as it reflects my relationship with my parents. How do I get him to listen and take me seriously without giving too much information about my mental health?