One of the most challenging aspects of college that I found this semester was wrapping my head around assignments we must complete called assessments.  Assessments are written and presentation based assignments that are due through out the semester in each of our 6 classes.  The six classes I took this semester were Church and Ministry, Communication in Ministry, Old Testament Introduction, Mission and Culture, Personal Leadership and Public Speaking.  The assessments for these classes vary in length, but all of them are designed to test not only your understanding, but also your practical application of different concepts or ideas that you are learning about in each subject.  The written assessments are like take home tests that you are meant to be working on through out the semester.  Assessments are not particularly hard to answer, if you are attending class and putting into practice the things you are asked to do in the program, but what makes assessments difficult your first semester is two fold.  The first one is that because these are assignments you are meant to be working on all semester it's a challenge to wrap you head around exactly how long it is going to take you to complete each assessment, especially as a first semester student because you have never done them before, which leads to the second difficultly of navigating assessments and that is figuring out time in your schedule to get them done.  Many of these assessments are not assignments you can do last minute because of the application component to them, but also because in college life your schedule is so full from all you are being asked to do you don't have time to do anything last minute.  The challenge for me personally has been chipping away at assessments bit by bit.  As a student at University in the US I rarely ever did things last minute, but I would block out huge chunks of time in my schedule to really sit down and immerse myself in my assignments and take 7 hours in one day to do my assignments rather than working on them 1 hour a day for 7 days.  It just seemed to suit my learning style better.  With the schedule you keep here in bible college this type of studying is just not possible.  Within a day I might have 30 mins here and 20 minutes there in which I needed to sit down and work on my assessments because that was the only way I was going to be able to get enough cumulative hours in my week to complete my assignments by the time they were due.  It has certainly been challenging, but what I have found is that I am actually capable of studying and engaging with material in this way.  It means I do not have the luxury of procrastinating or doing things last minute, but I actually like having to learn how to structure my time in that manner.

The other important aspect to note about assessments is that they are marked as either "competent" or "not yet competent" (NYC).  Fortunately for me this semester I was able to complete and submit all my assessments on time as well as receiving a marking of "competent" on all of them, which I am actually very proud of considering how challenging I found the process.

So now that I am on the other side of all my assessments for this semester I thought I would share some with you!  I have attached 4 written assessments from this past semester.  Hope you enjoy!