Asteroids, Farming, and Fenerox!
Just a quick update today.

I've released 'Asteroids OreSteroids' on both the mod repo  and the workshop . It adds ores up to Durasteel, to asteroids. Asteroid fields are rare enough that I feel like this is a more rewarding reason to beam down onto them.

Farmbound is actually nearing a state where I'd feel comfortable releasing it. I don't want to give an exact timeline, as I'll most likely miss it, but I'm going to aim for a release by next Sunday. I still have to shuffle some things around and make art for stuff.

Playable Fenerox is still being worked on. I managed to get about 50 descriptions done, on top of the other mods I've been working on. It's been a fairly productive week. Unfortunately, it's mostly been code, so there's not much to show for it.

Thanks for your continued support! c:

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