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Asteron - Cron Adum T'Essurdahn
The Cronirdil are is one of the most hostil areas of Asteron, yet the Adum Empire has builded its vast realms on this desolated region. Their conquest was supported by the fire and magic of the purging church, who burned their path through the ancient forests. The great ports of Farbaras and the seven imperial cities build the backbone of Adum and each has its unique standing in the complex political network of the imperial throne. The expansion lead into a bloody war which lasted for century and is not likely to end soon. The domain of the dwarven Protectorat of Ankasor Zaradul in the eastern mountains is impossible to be attacked and the northern tundra of Ruelledschain is mostly under the controll of the Surdok Tribes. The saltplain of Syhr Irdilith in the west is home to unspeakable horrors, remains of the sins of the old nations.

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