Astral projecting

The fact that you can be free in astral plane requires a certain vibration and evolution, there being able to do just about anything you want.

The transition from physical to astral plane is in a split second, so you just need to follow this process before you rest, that is to watch it without falling asleep.
Repose assumption assume that your current vibration is not enough for this effort trial.
And there's one thing to have a fez on his head, favors your vibration buffer and helps out in astral consciousness.
And another technique:
I classified it as a technique of mind control to the realization that you are in astral and out so any routine that is underway there in astral, here it is: every time you have a second free after any activity or change the scenario here in the physical world must get used to ask: "now is the astral plane? Or the physical plane ??"
mental habit that will take over in a few days as a routine and executes it automatically in astral between different breaks between routines or passages of a routine which there will helps you become instantly aware that you are in astral that the response of your conscience.