Astraliizer: Chapter 1, part 1


A skyscraper looms in the distance, the area shrouded in darkness. Moving forward carefully, vae looks around. They were supposed to meet vaer here, and there’s still no sign of them. An intense feeling of unease creeps up vaer spine. Spinning around, vae transforms vaer wand into a scythe, holding it tightly. Vae notices a strange smell, and moves vaer hands down the handle of the scythe, giving vaer more distance. Vae notices a scuttling sound, and jumps back away from it.  

“I swear to all that is holy, if this is a trap, I will murder you, bring you back to life, then murder you again.” Gripping the scythe, vae channels some energy into it to brighten the blade, almost like a flashlight. It may not be perfect, but at least the area is a little more visible. As vae slowly backs up, vae’s heel catches on the sidewalk, and vae topples over, vaer scythe dropping from vaer hand. Scrambling to vaer feet, vae pulls out vaer other wand, and quickly retrieves the scythe.  

Pointing vaer wand in the air, she lets out a bright red light. Vae watches as the shadows quickly scurry away from the light, almost as if it was burning them. Pocketing the wand, vae uses the scythe to seemingly cut a hole in the air in front of vaer, and before vae jumps into the portal, vae lets out a loud scream as a green flare escapes vaer wand, signaling to the person vae was waiting on that vae is leaving and heading back home.  

A sigh escapes vaer lips, and vae disappears into the night.


An alarm is blaring, one of our amazing inventions to replace the rooster for the most annoying way to wake up in the morning. In one swift motion, vae turns off the alarm and also unplugs it from the wall. Some people might find this weird, but vaer friend has a nasty habit of cursing the alarm in order to make sure vae wakes up. Granted, they both know it’ll go off either way, but it does make it easier for vaer to wake up if it gets unplugged.  

Vae rubs the bridge of vaer nose, and pushes the comforters off. It’s a rather chilly morning, which vae is always a fan of. What vae is not a fan of is someone saying they’re gonna be in the city, and then not showing up in the damn city. Vae hits vaer head a few times, chastising vaerself for doing something so dangerous. Trust no one. Vae can just hear a voice in vaer head repeating that over and over again. Maybe vae can punish vaerself later, but now, it’s time to get ready.

Unfortunately, there’s work today. More fortunately, vae doesn’t really hate vaer job. It’s call center work, technical support for some phone company. It’s easy work for the most part, and talking with people and helping them tends to help vaer mood. Looking at vaer wall, vae notices the poster with Life Path 6 circled, and lets out another sigh. Vae gathers up the clothes vae is going to wear, and then heads to the bathroom.  

Vae begins the bath, adding in a bath bomb for energy and serenity, and begins brushing vaer teeth, enjoying the smell that the tub is starting to make. Vae finishes with vaer teeth, and then disrobes, lowering vaerself into the bath. Vae turns off the water, and then sinks down into the warm, bubbly water. As vae lies there, taking in the sweet smells, vae feels vaer body getting lighter and calmer.  

Vae uses a controller vae has by the bath to turn some music on, and the room fills with the sounds of Witch House. After a few minutes, vae begins shaving vaer legs and arms, bobbing vaer head in time with the music. Looking down at vaer body, vae wonders how long it's been since vae even shaved, and quickly got annoyed with how impossible it seemed to be to get all of the hair shaved from vaer boobs. Sighing, vae moved up to her neck and face, shaving until it felt nice and smooth. Unfortunately, there was still some shadow, but that's nothing a little concealer and a glamour couldn't fix.

As the water started to cool, vae decided it was time to get out of the bath, and dried vaerself off. Moving back to the sink, vae started to get vaer makeup ready. Using concealer as a base, vae drew a couple of sigils on vaer face, one for good luck, and one for preventing misgendering. Vae rubbed them into vaer face until vae couldn’t see them anymore, and continued with the foundation.

After getting everything to how vae liked them, vae used some setting powder to keep everything nice and crisp. Vae had a fairly long trip ahead of vaer, and not having vaer makeup melt would be just the best. Vae decided to go into the kitchen, because you always need coffee and breakfast in the morning. The world’s best drug and most delicious lie, all day every day.

As the coffee brewed, inside of vaer cup, vae added a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg to start the morning ritual. Some butter, garlic and onion salt for protection and 4 eggs with some tasty cheese go into the skillet, and some toast in the toaster for good measure. Smelling that the coffee was done while the food was cooking, vae added the coffee to vaer cup, stirring 3 times clockwise to introduce energy, and stirring 3 times counterclockwise to banish negativity.  

Vae sat down with vaer food, thinking about what happened last night. Usually vaer protection in the astral plane is good, but someone got the best of vaer. Vae began thinking about people who might want vaer gone. Unfortunately, vae was drawing one hell of a blank, and no one came to mind. Perhaps that was intentional? Vae jumped, startled out of vaer thoughts as vae heard someone yell vaer name.

“GABI! Did you make food for me too?” Vaer roomate popped their head out of the door. Gabi shook vaer head, but motioned to the kitchen because vaer mouth was full. “Gabi I’m hungry. I am going to die of hunger now.” As vae swallowed the bite, vae shot a loot at vaer roommate.  

“Fine, I’ll make you something. But don’t say I’ve never done anything nice for you.” Vae moved back into the kitchen, and made the same thing, but added some salsa to the eggs. Nice bit of spice makes everything right, and what not. Vae brought the plate to vaer roomate, who had the day off, as vae grabbed vaer charms.  

Just a quick write up for the first part of chapter one. Doing a fiction cos I've always wanted to do a fiction.