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Astray3 Chapter 3: Gain Pg21 with translation

Hello faithful readers! 

We get ever closer to update 100! I haven't made an official count yet, but page 24 should put us in the neighborhood. That means there probably won't be anymore breaks until January.  Might be a short one afterwards to rebuild the micro-buffer. 

The next lore piece on the Gomradi should be up by this coming weekend. Look forward to seeing that soon. Another poll to pick the next topic will be posted shortly afterwards. Only contributing patrons can vote. 

Here are the preliminary designs for Argann and his ogroon Orgor. You might be wondering why Argann is listing colors in the final panel. Ogroons are rather intelligent and can interpret some complicated instructions. Argann is using colors to direct the Orgor to the target. Green for Emily's jacket. Black for her hair. Blue for her pants. I can only assume this gets complicated when dealing with a target in a crowd.  

( I forgot the oval portion on the crossbow's bottom guard....ARGGGHHH!)

That's it for now. See you soon.