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Astrology Forecast and Elections for October 2015
The October forecast and auspicious elections episode with Kelly, Austin, and Chris is now available for download:

This was our first time recording one of these in front of a live audience, and we are still getting used to the format and working out some of the kinks. One of the benefits of it is that there is both an audio as well as a video recording of the episode available.

The video is just the raw, unedited recording of the live version we did of the episode in the webinar format, and one of the nice things about it is that you can see some of the charts being discussed as we talk about them. The downside is that it is unedited, and there were some sound issues with it at various points. In that respect the audio version is probably the superior version of the recording to listen to, since we did some work editing it and trying to fix some of the sound issues in post-production.

As with many things I've tried on the podcast over the past few months, this was a bit of an experiment, and I'm still trying to get a sense for whether this approach will improve the overall quality of the show in the long run. I'm open to hearing any feedback that you may have.  

This brings us to the end of our third month of producing a patron-supported podcast with four episodes a month! We met our second funding milestone this month thanks to you guys, and we are now getting to the sweet spot where producing four episodes a month should be sustainable in the long term. I'm still getting used to doing one episode a week though and balancing other commitments, and it took a bit to get going towards the beginning of September. I think that we were able finish the month strong though, and I'm already in the process of lining up episodes and interviews for October. 

So, that's it for September! Thank you for all your support. I'll see you next month.

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