The following pages have been updated ASTROMILITARY couple more images to space marines added quotes from Spaceborne Assault Operations and Flapjack-class cavalry dropship REACTIONLESS DRIVE Added section about the EmDrive Added section about Submarines in Space EXOTIC SIDEARMS Added new section "Stunners" SPACE SUITS Added new art section Skeletons And Space Suits ATOMIC FUEL added example calculating reactor radiation added comments from RocketCat CONTROL DECK Added to Stabilizing Gyroscope a quote from Grendel ENGINE LIST added comments from RocketCat with engine advice PRELIMINARY NOTES Added pep talk from RocketCat MULTI-STAGE Added comment from RocketCat ENGINES added comment from RocketCat ENERGY WEAPON SIDEARMS Added some art pieces from Kelly Freas, all of which appear to be the same gun GEAR Added a couple more Ed Emshmiller art pieces LIFE SUPPORT Added a couple more pictures of people in suspended animation
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