Astrophotography Tutorial (2 min preview): Processing RAW Milkyway's DSLR shots with DeepSky Stacker
Hello! :) this is our first free Astrophotography Video Tutorial, well one of the three videos and only two minutes free, for seeing this full (about 6 minutes) you need only to be our patreon for only 1$!

The tutorial explain how stack, align and much more important calibrate gamma and tones of the  milky way shot in the picture from the Raw DSLR shots to the Final image as you see with DeepSky Stacker (DSS) software.

Here is the first of tree video tutorial that explain step by step how we have reach this final image of milky way.

Tech Specs are:

Canon CentralDS 50D @2500 Iso with a Sigma 10-20mm lens @10mm f/4.5 on a Skywatcher StarAdventurer and a tripod. Taken from the dark sky of Italian western Alps (2400m - Colle di Sampeyre)

To get deepskystacker software for free:

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[ To learn how reach the final image i don't use only DSS but also Startools (a good and cheap commercial software for processing in astrophotography), Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, so i'll put soon the other 2 video tutorial with that! ]

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Peace and clear skies! ♣