At A Distance
By: Renato Castro Pasion, Jr. 
(Makati, Philippines – January 24, 2016)

Can you miss someone you haven’t met?
Would that make her easier to forget?
Can the great distance between the two of you
Make the feeling any less true?

You check if she left a note every morning
Isn’t that just a bit disconcerting?
Hoping before she goes to bed, you might
Talk to her a bit before saying good night

You think about her the whole day
Wishing no harm would come her way
And In the midst of thundering voices
The only sound you hear is hers

Is it possible to love at a distance?
Should you even bother to take a chance?
Allow your heart to possibly be broken
And add more to what’s already been taken

She said, maybe you are just lonely
And in time, you will no longer be
A clever, beautifully-crafted illusion
To still your heart’s unending questions

Can you really miss someone you’ve never met?
Should you continue or just try to forget?
Is it more reasonable to keep your distance?
Or allow love... to finally take her chance