So I'm going to do something a little weird this weekend.  For the first time in seven years, I didn't make it into the Mechacon Artist Alley.  Mechacon was/is my home con, and despite requests for waitlisting (including one placed literally three minutes after the alley opened, because it was SOLD OUT) I never received a response.  My trip to New Orleans for Mechacon meant visiting my immediate family, it meant seeing old friends, visiting customers who only patronize my work AT Mechacon, and a huge chunk of my convention income.  Although I'm sad that I won't be able to table this year, and concerned about the lost income, I'm going to try to make the best of it by hosting a streamed event to replicate the convention experience.

In the linked post, I go over the basic details- I'll set up a convention table in my living room, utilize two cameras to capture both behind the table and in front of the table, offer a variety of goods I usually only offer at cons, take commissions.  I plan on beginning the public stream on Saturday at 12 CST (noon), but for backers, I'm going to do a behind the table stream ideally on Friday evening, where I demonstrate how I set up my table and talk about all the materials I use to construct my display.  I'm still hammering out a few streaming details, but as soon as I have those figured out, I'll share those here- hopefully no later than Wednesday.  The Saturday stream will be open to the public- so if you've ever wanted to pick something up from me at a con, or just wanna hang out, please drop in!