At Last, Aloud & Alive!


Hello, and welcome to my inaugural post on my Patreon page. After many years of inactivity, I have FINALLY decided that I'm ready to start posting and making content available through this site.

I've always been at odds with posting content online "for money." For the most part, I've wanted what I put on the internet to be "free for all," but that's not a very sound business model. So, after some deep thought and a little planning & determination, I've come to an understanding... I can do this the in the way that I want to do this. And the way that I want to do this is as follows:

On a semi-regular basis (every 2-3 months), I will publish a digest booklet, the ALOUD, which will serve as a newsletter for my creative projects (mostly BLINK) and an opportunity to display my works in progress in a fashion that I'm comfortable with... the printed form. The booklets will be 12-16 pages and printed from my home office and mailed out.

For the next two months, I'm offering physical copies of the ALOUD to all subscribers to my Patreon page at the $5 tier or more. (Subscribers of the $1-$4 tier, will receive a downloadable PDF of the booklet.) After this initial period, I'll see how the cost/income ratio plays out and tinker with the finer details so that I can work towards making this a viable source of revenue for myself. 

Of course, in-between publishing ALOUD, I will be working on continuing work on the BLINK books (since that what the ALOUD is a newsletter for), and overall trying to figure out how to be a successful writer/artist of comics in this day and age.

I hope you will join me in this endeavor and I wish you well.