It has been forever since I’ve updated here and there is so much to tell you all! This past month has been a rollercoaster, both emotionally and in terms of events. My family’s adventures hit a wall when a windstorm destroyed our wifi receiver. Further equipment failures left us frustrated and scrambling to come up with solutions to keep us going. At the moment, my husband and I are still working to get us stabilized and back on track, but it is likely going to take a reassessment of plans. So, for now, we are staying put in a sleepy, (almost) ghost town that’s tucked away in the Black Range mountains. It is a charming little town and where we are parked is just a few short steps from a creek. The weather is surprisingly mild and there are deciduous trees everywhere. It is a hidden town, a forgotten town, and the perfect place to rest and write a book. (The door in the photo above is from a closed-up shop that once boasted antiques and a cafe setting of home cooked food.)

Speaking of books… though a couple months delayed, the ebook on warding is still coming along. I am currently shopping for an editor and cover designer and doing some additional editing of my own to get it as perfect as possible. If possible, I will be posting that first draft here for everyone. This book is being written for you, so I absolutely welcome anyone who wants to beta read it to comment and provide feedback. :D

Also, I want to give you all a chance to name this book! I’ll make an official announcement post here, to that end, once the draft is up for you all to review.

Also, also… I am considering opening up a new rewards tier where each month, I’ll send you treasures that I pick up from my travels. This could be tumbled stones that I’ve gathered (finding lots of agates and jasper lately,) herbs, resins, smudge bundles, and perhaps even jewelry when I start making things with the minerals that I’ve been prospecting. So, your thoughts and interest in this are very much requested.

There is semi-reliable internet where we are parked, so I will be posting more in the coming days and trying to pretty-up this patreon page. :D

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