At what point are you an asshole for trying to make a living?
I barely slept last night after an exhausting but fun day out of the house. It’s remarkable what kind of toll one hour on my feet can do. It was also 90 degrees which is difficult to deal with even sitting down. Still, I should’ve slept soundly all night, but I woke up at 12:30 and took a couple cat naps after that.

Cat naps. Gus is sleeping good this second, but he’s been a holy demon since 3:44am.

When I woke up, I wondered how can make a living today? Mondays are usually my send out resumes day. It's very stressful. 

Last week, there was the attack on Nice where a lot of people died and were injured. Three were Americans, not that it matters, they were innocent people out celebrating on a holiday. Before that it was the Dallas police officers mass shooting. Before that was more cop on civilian murders which seems to be about every other week at this point. Today was an announcement that three cops were killed in Baton Rouge, the city where there were just peaceful protesters being arrested including Deray.

It never ends.

Our flags are perpetually at half staff. Citizens are constantly fighting and in mourning and sick over the possibilities of this Presidential election.

And through all of this, life has to go on somehow. Companies are told to remove or at least carefully review their scheduled social media posts because even the timing of a bland tweet can look insensitive.

Yet, there are tragedies every single day. How can we not barrel through and keep up with our lives? I honestly don’t know the answer, that’s why I’m asking. I said so on Twitter this morning. Almost everyone I know is either a part-time or full-time self-employed worker. If we don’t shill our books or art, we don’t make sales. If we don’t keep working and keep making deadlines, we lose paying work because we’re unreliable.

I can remember when I had a day job and was at my desk crying because of some tragedy du jour and the owner (ok, he’s basically a self-important Trump-like ass) asked why I’d be upset about something that wasn’t connected to me because, “bad stuff happens everyday”. I’m sure you can imagine the whirlwind of rebuttals and thoughts I wanted to say back to him but kept to myself. I was made to feel ashamed of having empathy for other living beings that weren’t people I knew personally.

Trying to balance being upset all the time and getting work done and making sales is counterintuitive. Not everything can be a charity project birthed by one of the tragedies — and there are plenty of those out there like an upcoming comic anthology for the Pulse massacre. I’ve been in several charity projects and it’s a great way to put the skills I have to use when I feel unequipped to do anything else. I don’t think I’ve made the cut for the Pulse project, but I still have sales to make regardless. I still need to dedicate part of my day to bringing hits to the Patreon and the links to my books.

If you have any suggestions for how people balance shilling their work without looking insensitive, I’d LOVE to hear it.