I really love this painting. I didn't end up getting to spend much time with it because a lovely woman in Portland bought it within a few days. It's tall - 4 feet tall, in fact. The texture is extremely thick. I built it up, layer upon layer until I was satisfied. The canvas is 1.5 inches thick and I'd estimate the texture to be the same. Come to think of it, I wonder how difficult it was to hang on the wall. It might be the heaviest painting I've ever made. In this case, "sculpture" is probably more fitting than painting. It was sculpted out of acrylic, sand, and phosphorescent pigments. I do have prints available, so there's at least a little something to remember it by. :) https://www.etsy.com/listing/72944993/atemporal-modern-zen-garden-sacred?ref=listing-16
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