Athaina vs Athaina sketch wip
Athaina the Char is 6ft9.
Athaina the Blood Elf is 5ft4.

The size comparison is incredible. I started out with them side by side (same height) then checked with Athaina for the heights... and had to make drastic changes XD

The pose is actually mirrored and tweaked to their body types. The requested pose was 'standing side by side, looking at each other with disgust' so I thought this mirrored pose helps to portray the tension and disgust between these two characters, whilst the crossed arms showcase them being closed off to each other. This is going to end up quite a powerful piece.

Drawing the Blood Elf is going to be the interesting part, as it means drawing humanish, but I am getting used to drawing humans now. Plus, the high ear positioning will give her a more animalistic feel which will be easier for me to draw in.

I'll likely continue work on this tomorrow, along side working on the traditional piece for Tevo.