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Atheist Debates - Interview with Ozymandias Ramses II
(NOTE: Audio issues and sync issues here are a known issue with Windows 10 and Google Hangouts. I've edited the clip to avoid as many as possible (and after 14 min the remaining audio is all pretty clear). Future interviews won't use this method, but the content here from Ozy was simply too good to not post.)

Ozy is a YouTube personality with a keen mind. His content specifically focuses on educating people about the finer points of philosophy, argumentation, reason and epistemology - with a specific focus on critical thinking and skepticism.

As an atheist, he frequently engages in online discussions about apologetic arguments that attempt to defend religious and superstitious ideas.

His efforts had a significant impact on me and I felt it'd be productive to share our most recent conversation, which included some thoughts related to The Atheist Debates project.

Enjoy. You can find Ozy's channel here: