Atheists Deny Themselves This One Question?

I was reading The God Delusion the other day. Yes, much to everyone’s utter shock and awe, I had never read it before just recently. What can I say? I’ve been an atheist all my life in a secular land… I’ve never needed arguments against God. As Godless Mom, though, I now feel more reason to read atheist staples like Dawkins’ masterpiece, and I’m glad I did. You know a writer is unbelievably skilled when you find yourself in the middle of their work, at 3:30 in the morning, sitting upright in bed with your body hair standing on end, mumbling, “What… the actual fuck… are we?”. There I was, shimmery book in hand, filled with post-its, staring wide-eyed out my bedroom window as though if I looked long enough, the answer might come to me.

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