Atlanta Aquarium, AWA, and... sickness.

Hey there everyone!

I was a  little quiet on social media over the last week cause I drove 13+ hours  down to Georgia to go to Anime Weekend Atlanta. I didn't apply for a  table this year, but a friend did and needed a helping hand - so I took a  vacation and went to the Atlanta Aquarium!!

I've never been, and it's been at the top of my list of places to go for decades.

Animals  in captivity is a touchy subject, but I know that the staff and  creators of this aquarium do an amazing job of ensuring that the  animals have a LOT of room and live enriching lives. They have FOUR  whale sharks, and FOUR huge manta rays!! Their whale sharks were rescued  from fisherman in Taiwan and were brought to the US to live out their  days.

I fangirled with employees and we chatted about  sharks and other sea creatures - and we got a behind the scenes look at,  and introduced to each of the whale sharks and manta rays.
It was an amazing experience (and I cried - so much).


And  after our 15+ hour trip back home to MD/VA, I've been sick for a week.  But I'm on the mend, and am diving into a /late/ Inktober project! I'll  post some sketches tomorrow!