Atlantic Begins to Cool, Icebergs Abound & Global Warming Can't Explain Cosmic Cycles (371)
 With the Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation beginning its 30 year cooling phase in the 60 year cycle, near record iceberg sightings dot the Canadian coastline. Excuses are give such as the Peterman Glacier developing a crack, the ice on Greenland calving as new ice builds in the center, any excuse except the real cause, a cosmic cycle. The late Holocene sea surface temperatures show a warm period at 1000AD, and cool period 100AD which we are beginning to repeat. Rotary Grow System

Podcast #022 Mini Ice Age Conversations

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Icebergs in ice berg alley
Evidence for solar forcing of sea-surface temperature on the North Icelandic Shelf during the late Holocene
Wood For Trees AMO index
Huge number of icebergs blocking Atlantic shipping lanes – More than 5 times normal
Where icebergs come from
Greenland ice budget
Tidewater glacier change in West Greenland
Submarine terminus melt, Yahtse Glacier
Glacier time series
Calving rates at tidewater glaciers vary strongly with ocean temperature
Icebergs invade shipping lanes
Atlantic ocean temperatures Atlantic (60-0W, 30-65N) heat content 0-700 m depth Atlantic (60-0W, 30-65N) heat content 0-700 m depth
Iceberg count Coast Guard
AMO Plot
Icebergs Disrupt North Atlantic Shipping
Arctic winds pointing south
Shattered sea ice over the Arctic
Global Temperatures
Wind Rose Elesmere Island