Atom Eve - Canson Cutie - HeroesCon 2017
This is one that I manage to not scan before the trip to the convention. And didn't even notice it until I was putting together the digital sketchbook for June. I left a page open for it and contacted the person who commissioned Eve and he sent me this photo. He did a great job of taking a picture of it too.

Below is a screenshot of the digital work file.

More importantly I just discovered this feature of adding images to the body of the post. This is a feature that I used a lot when I ran my blogspot blog and felt hindered here without the feature. It's a real benefit and I will be utilizing it more! I don't know how long this feature has been here but I'm glad I found it.

Later today I will be posting the July 2017 Digital Sketchbook for those that are at the reward level. It's a big one at 33 pages! Here is the cover.