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The Geeky Topics Question Pool
$1 or more per month 21 patrons
All supporters at this level and above will be thanked on the air on the weekly actual-play podcast episodes. Supporters at this level and above can also submit questions and topic suggestions for the Geeky Topics Round Table podcasts via Patreon message or e-mail to [email protected]
The Idea Pool
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 All supporters at this level will occasionally be asked for names, places, or random tidbits to add to our various games. 
The Pool of Stuff
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Supporters at this level will receive all benefits of the previous levels, plus EARLY ACCESS to the weekly actual play podcast episodes, downloadable here on Patreon by Thursday afternoons (New York time). You'll also receive exclusive access to additional audio content from the Fandible archives, including funny content cut from actual play episodes and special audio content created just for Patreon.
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