The Attack on the Self-Esteem of White Folks
Recently there was an article in the Washington Post, stating that for children aged 5 to 12, the suicide rate was twice as high for blacks than for whites. That is really sad and something that deserves attention, and it was noted as such in the article. In the same article it was noted that for most age groups, generally, the suicide rate for whites is higher. Uhhhhh, yes, it is two and a half times higher!!! But that statistic was not provided and the high white suicide rate (involving far more people, as suicide is very rare in the 5 to 12 age range) was not cited as being a problem or worthy of attention on the part of society.

Why not??!!!

The white suicide rate has risen by about half in the last 16 years. This should be seen as being a huge problem, deserving of a great deal of public attention, but it has never been treated this way. Why???

The self esteem of white people is under attack. We are accused of oppressing black people through systemic racism. We are (in effect) accused of not caring about black lives. We are told that our accomplishments were not fairly gained, but are the result of white privilege. We are told that we committed genocide against the native Americans. That is all quite a "downer". On campus, all of these very negative statements against white people are freely permitted, but if you say anything at all negative about black people, you could be hauled in front of the authorities and punished. Wow, that is enough to make someone feel that they are less. That is destructive to self-esteem. Could there be a connection between the way white people are treated in our society and the high suicide rate? Even the way this question is treated is abasing to white people. At a U of Penn Law School, a law professor (Amy Wax) was punished recently for co-authoring a paper stating the black culture could be partially responsible for worse black outcomes. But many would quickly assert that the high white suicide rate is entirely the result of cultural effects and is not the effect of how white people are treated by society. It is not even treated as being a problem. Well, I feel that the many insults that our society lodges against the self-esteem of white people is helping to drive the high suicide rate and the increase in the suicide rate for whites. Most white people have the ego strength to take it, but some do not. In every group there are some who are just barely making it. Then the person receives a blow. And that is when a person really needs that self-esteem, to pull through. But it has been attacked and reduced. The person feels "less". The difference is enough to push that person over the edge.  

We must fight against the hideous absence of compassion displayed by those who just don't and won't see the obvious implications of the suicide statistics. American liberals, in an effort to be fair minded and compassionate have turned against truth, and have become cruel.  We must somehow wake them up.