Attempted To Record Sky Break But Had Mic Muted The Entire Time...
Needless to say the video had to be scrapped but Sky Break is basically a game where you crash land on a planet that's in the process of being colonised by human kind via the use of mechs, the planet was however abandoned due to a malfunction with the mechs and them becoming incredibly hostile, back on earth however humanity is at risk of extinction from a deadly virus and we're sent to this planet as we believe it's the key to the cure.

From what I've played the gameplay isn't great, think third person shooter with absolutely no impact to your attacks, the in game sound feels kinda lifeless and despite exploring an alien world (something you'd imagine to be interesting) there's honestly not a whole lot to see.

The game functions well enough and the goal of the game is to repair a ship, find a cure and leave but I just found to be rather dull, a game which you spend more time running from A to B avoiding mechs than anything else.