Attention Patrons: Incoming Changes
Hello everyone. I just wanted to announce some of the changes I'll be making to the way I handle this Patreon.

First off, I feel that due to the fact that Amber Ella updates very infrequently, making the payment system monthly seems unfair. So instead, the payment system will soon become post by post. Before I do that, however, I will be dumping the rest of the pages onto Patreon shortly to catch up so as to not have you pay for a million pages.

Secondly, in the future, this patreon will become a patreon for both Amber Ella and my art as focusing the patreon soley on Amber Ella, a webcomic with infrequent updates, may not have been a very wise idea. Lastly, I'll consider making more patron rewards in the future.

I'll announce when all the changes will be made so hold on tight! :)