I'm currently filming what's probably going to be the last Suede XS tomorrow as I've decided that since I'm going to try and make a real go at making this at least my part time job I need to up my game. 

While I have enjoyed answering your questions and drawing your pictures, I feel like they are a little... well, lame for what you guys do, supporting me and helping me get one step closer to my dream job. I want to make it up to you guys by offering a new short form series that I think will help sate both those who watch me for Pokemon and those who watch me (or began watching me) for anime in general.

This new series (so far unnamed) will be similar to XS in that I'll be talking off the cuff and commenting on news and such, but the main meat of it will be a segment in which I, having watched the first 2 episodes of an anime, will give my thoughts and first impressions and give it a "should you invest?" rating, before giving a wild yet detailed guess as to how it will end. The patron-friendly twist is that at a certain patron tier, you will be able to add an anime to the review queue (don't worry; the full-length anime reviews will also be released, hopefully at a higher rate if more patrons come on).

I also want you guys to be involved in this process since you are basically shareholders, so please give your feed back on the following reward tier system: 

$1 Patrons: Warm fuzzies, early episodes, daily updated feed.

$3 Patrons: Your name (or username) in credits

$5 Patrons: Weekly option to add ONE anime series to preview queue, earlier episodes.

$10 Patrons:  Small avatar of your choice commissioned by Jess ( to be prominently displayed at the end of all episodes.

$20 Patrons: Anime 'fast lane' option (In the show I'll review an anime from this tier as well as one from the regular queue), full screen art card commissioned from Jess to be prominently displayed and commented on, 'Bulbapedia gag' style, at the end of all episodes. (note: just one card per patron, commission does not refresh weekly)

Please let me know your thoughts and your own ideas for rewards I may not have thought of. Bear in mind I have some social anxiety, so skype calls and google hangouts are out, but streams might be an option (although remember I can't livestream anime without getting booted yet).

Thank you so much for your endless patience. Let's make this thing even more popular, it can only benefit the both of us! Huzzah!