Attention, podcast-seeking ears
Isn't every creature looking to listen to a fiction podcast these days? We're no different.

For this very special Strangelet podcast, we recorded with “The Secret Underground Tooth Economy of Boston” by Will White. This is a case where we first heard the story performed in the wilds of Boston, so we got the author back to read it again for us and for you. “The Secret Underground Tooth Economy of Boston” was featured in Strangelet Volume 1, Issue 2 and in the Volume 1 Anthology

This podcast is standalone for now. Let us know what you think of it!

Speaking of other podcasts, Citizen Lit interviewed Amanda Miska, a Strangelet alum from this year's Strangelet Volume 2, Issue 1. Amanda went on to read her story “Heart Guardian,” featured in Strangelet Volume 2, Issue 1!

You can listen to the full interview between Citizen Lit and Amanda here.