Tier Benefits
Monthly First Look on Fiction
$5 or more per month 1 patron
Each month, I'll share fiction I've been working on--especially stories set in my Iron Garden universe, an urban fantasy setting where anyone can become fae.

Some stories will be crisp and polished or rough and a mess; others might turn into full fledged novels some day. Expect a minimum of 500 words--I've done up to 3500 words in past months and average 1200 words.

Off the Page Spotlight
$8 or more per month 0 patrons
Every reward before this tier. PLUS! Once in a while I'll do a fun bit with past Iron Garden chars outside of their stories (any pubbed or patreon-only story is viable). To start, this will be short interviews!

Everything in these features can be considered canon--until
and unless a future story contradicts it. (^_−)☆

Want to nominate a char for this spotlight? Let me know!

Behind the Masks Access
$10 or more per month 4 patrons
This tier features different rewards as they are available.


  • First Look at self-pub covers - See covers designed by  Cyna Martinez  before social media reveals or when self-publishing!
  • Snippets from the archives - I have so much bad, er, uh, unpolished old writing, and you're welcome to see how I've grown! I'll post polls on months I don't have a cover to share.
  • Q&A Access - Everyone at this level can ask questions! I'll answer a few in my Life Update as they come in. Ask about: the Iron Garden, Bloodletters or my other fiction; writing and publishing advice; or talk about mental health issues!
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