Attention to patrons cancelling pledges
Hello all !
Thank you for the support this past month :)
I am currently unable to scan my work so i can't send rewards until i come back to my flat, somewhere next week.
However, i'd like to warn patrons about something important : if you cancel your pledge just after you got charged for it, you CAN'T get access to the rewards you just paid for, as i'm making them as patron's only posts on my profile ONLY after pledges are taken and that is effective ONLY for current patrons. If you cancel, you're not a patron anymore so you can't see rewards in those posts.

Since you pledge is only taken every beginning of each month, if you wish to stay just one time, it's perfectly fine to wait a few weeks (2 or 3) in order for me to post rewards, so you get access to them. Then, AFTER you got the rewards, you can cancel your pledge :)

Any patron who cancelled or will cancel and leave the page before i send the rewards will not get them as i won't be sending any PM anymore.
Make sure to stay a patron during at least 2/3 weeks so i can post everything. I understand you just want to make sure your pledge isn't taken any longer if you don't want to, but there's no rush, it's only once a month so you don't have to cancel right away, you have time to do so.
If i'm late to distribute rewards and only for that reason, i allow anyone to cancel before i send rewards and then, exceptionnally, i'll send them via PM since it's my fault for being late.

sorry for being annoying but i just had to clear that up
thanks again for your support.
i'll be posting rewards soon :)