's latest Post Produces New Creative Property
Today posted a blog article which departs from anything it's done to date. For the first time we presented in pure allegory, a means to comprehending the state of religion in our world--past and present. The piece, which is written more or less as a parable about a mythological world called Hammerdin, envisions how a basis for practical spirituality undergoes entropic forces to degenerate into a beliefs-oriented tool of political power, death, and destruction. The exciting part about this piece is that it COULD form the basis for various creative properties in the future. Imagine a comic book or graphic novel set in the world of Hammerdin where indoctrinated warriors go on a quest to discover the long lost knowledge of alchemy, while a secret society struggles to practice carpentry underground without being discovered by the authorities. Still another story could be set in "modern era" Hammerdin, or "future" Hammerdin, when long lost knowledge of carpentry helps a select few survuve the trials and tribulations of the end of the Iron Age (Kali Yuga) and a new Golden Age of carpentry can begin again.