Attributes for Skyrim LE

When you level up, you choose one of seven attributes: STR, AGI, VIT, DEX, INT, WIS, and LUK.

STR: ※Increase stamina、Increase melee damage

AGI: Increase movement speed、Increase physical attack evasion rate、Increase melee attack speed、Increase critical damage

VIT: ※Increase health、Increase physical resistance

DEX: Increase physical accuracy、Increase arrow damage

INT: ※Increase magicka、Increases magic damage

WIS: Increase magic resistance、Increase poison resistance、Increase restoration by magic、Decrease spell charge time、Faster regeneration of health, magicka and stamina

LUK: Increase critical rate、Increase the probability of locational damage effects when "Locational Damage" is enabled、※Increase item tempering success rate when "Equipment Upgrades" is enabled

NPCs also select attributes randomly according to the level and increase the value. However, the effect of ※ does not apply. If you select an NPC with crosshair and press the hotkey (M by default), you can see the attribute values for that NPC.

Added physical damage accuracy / evasion system. The accuracy is determined by the level difference between the attacker and the target, DEX and AGI. "Floating Damage V2" will display "MISS" if the attack doesn't hit. Attacks from behind and magic always hit.

If LUK is increased, there is a possibility that critical attacks will occur by magic. Basically, the damage is doubled and the multiplier can be increased by AGI.

Required attributes for equipping. (disabled by default) This is only for the player. If the player's attribute values do not meet the requirements for equipping, the weapon damage will be greatly reduced. A notification message will be displayed if you don't have enough attributes when you equip a weapon. Stronger weapons require more attribute values.

You can open "Attributes.ini" to change settings.

If you use "Skyrim -Community- Uncapper", it is recommended to keep the attribute increase at each level constant.

It is recommended to start a new game.


STR: ※スタミナ増加、近接与ダメージ増加

AGI: 移動速度増加、物理回避率増加、近接攻撃速度増加、クリティカルダメージ増加

VIT: ※体力増加、物理耐性増加

DEX: 物理命中率増加、遠距離与ダメージ増加

INT: ※マジカ増加、魔法与ダメージ増加

WIS: 魔法耐性増加、毒耐性増加、魔法による体力回復量増加、魔法詠唱時間減少、体力マジカスタミナの自動回復量増加

LUK: クリティカル率増加、部位ダメージによる追加効果発生確率増加(Locational Damage有効時)、※アイテム強化成功率増加(Equipment Upgrades有効時)


物理ダメージの命中/回避システムが追加されます。攻撃した側と受けた側のレベル差、DEX、AGIにより命中率が決まります。命中しなかった場合は「Floating Damage V2」によりMISSと表示されます。背後からの攻撃と魔法は必ず命中します。




「Skyrim -Community- Uncapper」を使用する場合はレベルごとのステータス増加を一定にすることをおすすめします。



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